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Distinguished and Famous people from Cuballing

Cuballing, located in Western Australia, has been the birthplace or associated area of several distinguished individuals. Here are some notable people:

1. Sir Charles Latham

Sir Charles Latham was an Australian politician, born on August 20, 1856, in Cuballing. He served as a member of the Western Australian Legislative Assembly representing various electorates and held several prominent ministerial positions.

2. James Gardiner

James Gardiner, born in Cuballing on June 12, 1864, was an Australian cricketer. He played as a right-handed batsman and represented Western Australia in first-class matches during the 1890s.

3. Walter Padbury

Walter Padbury was a notable Western Australian pioneer, born in Cuballing on November 27, 1820. He played a crucial role in the establishment of the Swan River Colony and was involved in various business ventures, including the shipping industry.

4. Robert Read

Robert Read, born in Cuballing on May 9, 1863, was an Australian politician. He served as a member of the Western Australian Legislative Assembly, representing various electorates between 1901 and 1924.

5. Frank Arthur Sampson

Frank Arthur Sampson, born on September 13, 1892, in Cuballing, was an acclaimed Australian artist. He is known for his landscape paintings and was associated with the Heidelberg School, a prominent Australian art movement.

6. Thomas Walker

Thomas Walker was an Australian politician and farmer, born in Cuballing on August 14, 1862. He served as a member of the Western Australian Legislative Assembly, representing the electoral district of Narrogin.

7. Elsie Reeves

Elsie Reeves, born in Cuballing on November 30, 1913, was an Australian botanist and prominent orchid expert. She contributed significantly to the study and conservation of orchid species in Western Australia.

8. Frank Penhalluriack

Frank Penhalluriack, born on June 15, 1921, in Cuballing, was an Australian rules footballer. He played for and captained the East Perth Football Club in the West Australian Football League during the 1940s.

9. George Throssell

George Throssell, born in Cuballing on May 23, 1840, was an Australian politician and the second Premier of Western Australia. He played a crucial role in the early governance of the state.

10. Sir Russell Dumas

Sir Russell Dumas, born on January 10, 1922, in Cuballing, was an eminent Australian judge. He served as a Justice of the Supreme Court of Western Australia and contributed significantly to the legal field.

11. Reginald B. T. Bennett

Reginald B. T. Bennett, born in Cuballing on July 16, 1912, was a renowned Australian geologist. He made significant contributions to the understanding of Western Australia's geology and mineral resources.

These individuals represent just a few of the distinguished and famous people associated with Cuballing and the contributions they have made in various fields.

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